RHONE - #ForeverForward

I just completed a photo shoot with Shawn Vance, Chris Edgar, and Mac Molohan for Rhone apparel. Rhone is an up and coming mens fitness brand created by a team of entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and passionate athletes, looking to fill the gap in men’s active wear offerings. 

Our locations for the shoot were a crossfit gym in Santa Monica and at the pier in Manhattan Beach. 

Stonnington Group Office Shoot

I had the privilege of being hired by Stonnington Group LLC to photograph their fully redesigned office.  The new office was designed by Gensler Los Angeles and features an open kitchen area, a 360 degree view of Woodlands Hills, redesigned lighting fixtures, and multiple meeting rooms. I used my 24mm PC-E Nikkor 3.5D ED tilt shift lens and a set of Arri 300 Watt Tungsten lights. I also shot while tethered to my laptop because I've found it to be the best way to shoot architecture. Every photo included below is a composite of three photos shot at a different shutter speeds so they I can get every detail in the office and avoid blown out windows. 

The photos will be displayed on Stonnington Group's new website being designed by GSM Marketing.

Taran Tactical: Amy Jane & Shawn Vance


I just completed a shoot for Taran Tactical with professional shooter Amy Jane and former Green Beret Shawn Vance. Photos below.


In September I fulfilled a childhood dream by working with the San Francisco 49ers as a freelancer on their inaugural #49ersInvasion project. The goal was to capture the 49er Faithful and how they travel to opposing stadiums. Following the video I sat down with 49ers digital editor Andrew Pentis for an interview to discuss the project, my 49er fandom, and how the idea came about. 

Growing up in Texas how did you become a 49ers fan?

"I was obsessed with Steve Young. He was my guy. I remember going to two games at Candlestick Park when I was younger and from there I was obsessed. Living in Texas during the great 49ers - Cowboys rivalry of the 90s, I got tired of hearing about the Cowboys, so that really solidified my fandom."

Spenser, how did you get involved with 49ers Studios for this project?

"I saw Tweets from executive producer Robert Alberino Jr. about 'The Faithful' series over the summer and then I saw a Tweet about fans emailing their stories, so I emailed Rob, telling him about growing up a huge 49ers fan in Texas at the height of their rivalry in the 1990s. I was always surrounded by Cowboys fans and was the only Niners fan. I pitched him that idea and said I wanted to film my experience going to the game in Dallas because I was going to go anyway."

What went into the planning for this video?

"I had sent a treatment to Rob that was pretty detailed. Then I was sitting there thinking how we would make it interesting and not just have it be a GoPro-style thing with music attached. The day we filmed it, we just decided to make it all about the rivalry. I actually got that idea on the fly from the 49ers Twitter account, which was posting pictures of old, classic 49ers-Cowboys rivalry moments. We took it from there. We modeled it, at least the driving part, after that commercial that NFL Network did a few years back with Edward Sharpe and the "Home" song with tailgating and a bunch of fans. We wanted to keep it light. And the opposing fans were gracious and nice, which helped."

Were there more 49ers fans at AT&T Stadium than you and your crew expected?

"We were completely blown away by how many 49ers fans were there. I have been to that stadium before, so I had seen that kind of with how the (Chicago) Bears fans took it over, but nothing like what the 49ers did. My buddy was surprised and a little bit depressed when we walked in and saw red everywhere. If we would have lost that game, we would have shot it a little differently, but we didn't, thankfully. He was a good sport about it, and so were all the other fans in the stadium, which was nice to see. I saw Niners fans and Cowboys fans laughing and hugging, which you don't usually see at NFL games."

How did you get the video to be so high-quality?

"We did shoot a little bit of b-roll the day before, driving around the stadium, much of which we didn't end up using because it was too dark and the continuity was off. Then we woke up really that day, Sunday, and shot the tickets. My buddy shot it on a FS700 with some pretty good lenses and then used his Olympus recorder. We just shot high-end pro-res. I had my DSLRs in the stadium, too. We also used a handheld Nikon 800 and a Nikon D4. I do photography professionally, so I have those lenses anyway."

How much time did it take to edit?

"Two days, not full days. But the concept hadn't totally come together by the end. We thought we'd do what we did, but shaping the clips to be that way took five hours of editing and coloring and all that. We didn't want to use anything that was copyrighted so we got the audio from 49ers Studios and that was that. Kept it light-hearted."

Was working on this more fun than working on a commercial in Los Angeles?

"Way more fun. At one point, I stopped filming because I just wanted to watch the game; I wanted to enjoy some of it."


BTS: Subaru & Big Block LA

A few months ago I had the opportunity to do some behind the scenes video (above) and stills (bottom of page) for Subaru Canada’s WRX STI vs. The Drones and the 2015 Subaru WRX World Premiere video (videos below). Filmed by Big Block Media, the commercials were part of Subaru's roll out of the gorgeous new 2015 Subaru WRX STI.

The drone shoot (directed by Marek Glaser) took place inside a massive hangar (Studio 32) at Raleigh Studios in Playa Vista and the Premiere (directed by Marek Glaser) took place in downtown Los Angeles. The hangar used in the drone commercial was built in the 1940s by Howard Hughes as the construction site for his famous / infamous 200-ton birch wood flying boat known as the Spruce Goose. Needless to say it was pretty damn cool watching this gorgeous new Subaru WRX burn rubber inside Howard Hughes old office.


Love Your Feet Campaign

A month ago I was hired by Nic Pappas to do a photo campaign / lookbook as part of Love Your Feet Socks' rebranding process. As a sock fanatic myself it was an extremely fun and rewarding process. The campaign called for three separate lifestyle and product shoots that took place in an office, photo studio, and my house. I was looking to appeal to a younger demographic so much of the work focuses on millennial aged people and young professionals. I was able to reach out to Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities who was gracious enough to help out in the shoot, both as a model and to promote the brand. 

Technically speaking I used natural lighting for everything except the product shots which were done in a studio using Alien Bee flash units. I shot everything on my Nikon D800 with Nikkor 50mm, Nikon 80-400mm, Zeiss 35mm Distagon, and Zeiss Planar T 85mm lenses.

Texas Rush Soccer

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Texas Rush Soccer as part of their rebranding and website update led by Taylor White of AdWhite. Rush is one of the premier youth soccer programs in the Houston / South Texas areas for children aged 3-18 and an official member of both the United States Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) and the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). 

Aesthetically I wanted to shoot something bold, dark, and aggressive. I was inspired by some old Adidas and Nike soccer photo campaigns I had seen with the past where the entire field was blacked out showing only the athletes, the ball, and the goal. To achieve that look I rented a Broncolor 2400W/s Senso 42 Flash Kit (synced to my Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 wireless transmitters) and an octobox. From there we shot two nights on an outdoor, turf soccer field.